My name is Peter DiDonato. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Whoop de do! Yet another film blog on the internet. Sure haven’t seen that before….Seriously though, welcome to my website.

As you can probably tell by the name of my website, I absolutely adore film, and adore reading about its industry just as much. Much like cracking open a fresh can of cold soda, researching and reporting on the latest entertainment news gives me a sense of energy and excitement. When it comes to the entertainment business, there’s almost never a shortage in interesting, exciting and controversial stories. These stories are breaking all the time; every day it seems like studios are scheduling a new release dates, casting huge roles, or making some other major announcements. I am more than willing to accurately report on stories like these, and I’m not shy to give my unbiased thoughts on them either. I have contributed to websites like Moviepilot and Nerdbastards and am using this website to branch out and gain some experience with professional blogging.

If you like what you see, feel free to let your friends know about it; this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.