The franchise could be coming back from the grave of mediocrity.

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“I’ll be back…hopefully in a better movie.”

When Terminator: Genisys was released last year, plenty of fans considered it to be the official death of the Terminator franchise. Even with Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role, Genisys still disappointed fans with its numerous plot holes, contradictions, and overall disregard for the franchise’s mythology. As if the cold reception from fans wasn’t bad enough, the film absolutely tanked at the domestic box office. Even an amazingly delicious burger at Red Robin couldn’t get more people to see it. Sure, it was able to find financial success overseas, but by then the damage was already done to the film’s reputation. The franchise indeed seems to be dead and buried, but its star begs to differ.

In a recent interview on Australia’s Channel 9, Arnold Scwarzenegger was asked about the possibility of another Terminator film being made. Schwarzenegger said:

“I am looking forward to it, absolutely.”

Either Schwarzenegger has amnesia or the Terminator franchise may not be as dead as we thought. Back in January, Paramount pulled the sequel to Terminator: Genisys from their release schedule. It’s March 2017 release date was given to Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch reboot. Paramount still hasn’t confirmed another Terminator movie, but if what Schwarzenegger says is true, then there still might be hope for another good Terminator film.

Let’s be honest: the last three terminator films were nowhere near as good as the first two. With the exception of the well-received Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show, the franchise has been on a downhill spiral for the past two decades.


“Just let it die,” is a phrase that fans of the first two films have been using for quite some time. Genisys pretty much re-wrote the entire timeline of the Terminator series, which was one of the biggest complaints among fans. In order to make another film work, the filmmakers may have to resort to un-re-writing the timeline, which may end up making things even more convoluted.

On the contrary, if the Star Wars films can recover from the widely-hated prequel films, then why not give the Terminator series another shot? Perhaps they do what the writers of X-Men: Days of Future Past did to X-Men 3 and find a clever way to cancel out the events of Genisys. This may be easier said than done, but we can always hope for the best, can’t we?