(Originally posted on Nerd Bastards)

Sony’s upcoming Ghostbusters reboot is perhaps the most hated movie on the internet right now. As of right now, the film’s trailer has about as many dislikes on YouTube as a Donald Trump speech. While some of these haters can just be written off as sexist trolls upset at the idea of female Ghostbusters, others are pessimistic for completely valid reasons. YouTube users like Boogie2988, Angry Joe, and Comic Book Girl 19 have all expressed their disdain for the film’s trailer. They, along with many other commenters, say that it looks like a cheap nostalgia-based cash-in with bad CG. Still though, only the trailer has been revealed so far, and for all we know, the movie itself could be fantastic. Unfortunately, according to a possible early screening of the film, it may end up being as fantastic as Fant4stic.

In a very thorough post on Reddit, a user claiming to work in post production says that the film is just as bad as the internet is claiming. According to this user, the female cast isn’t the problem at all; the movie instead suffers from bad directing, bad dialogue and bad effects (among other things). He stated:

“The jokes are very lame and this movie is a complete joke. There’s really nothing serious happening and nothing is scary. The dialogue is horrible, cheesy, and loaded with slapstick and side comments that ruin any tension in the film. I wanted this movie to be good cause I’m a big GB fan, but this is a fiasco. The GGB’s literally were saved by a firetruck tow cable. I can’t believe the old cast agreed to cameos in this movie.”

The user also says that while the original Ghostbusters (sans Harold Ramis, of course) do make cameos, they do not play their original roles. According to him, Bill Murray plays a skeptic who gets killed off near the end and Ernie Hudson plays the uncle of Leslie Jones’ character. This would mean that any hope of the original Ghostbusters being in the movie would be as dead as a ghost.

Of course, all of this information is coming from an anonymous person on Reddit, so it’s probably best to take his information with a few boxes of Morton. On the other hand, if what he says is true, this film may be in more trouble than we think. It’s a pretty descriptive piece to be a lie, so there may be some truth to it. Hopefully when the film comes out in July, the final product won’t end up becoming a complete disaster (unless your sense of schadenfreude wants to see Sony fail hard).